by Gut Feeling

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7" available from Headfirst! Records//Bitter Melody Records


released November 14, 2012

recorded at Legitimate Business by Kris Hilbert
mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright



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Track Name: Death By Misadventure
when I stare out on these vacant lots
I don't think of the times we lost
instead I think of the promises made
that we'd survive to see better days

bruised feet running empty streets
blackeyes and skipped heartbeats
first tries and first defeats
final times and broken dreams

so now I ask, are you screaming just like me?
or have you resigned? asleep with complacency...(did you fall asleep?)

looking out on these hollow faces
skeletons haunting office spaces
I'm dreaming of far off places
I'm plotting my paths
and packing my bags
'cause I'm never ever giving in
never again

(lyrics by JP Brown)
Track Name: Nothing About The Brave
step by step, fall down
and we can't believe
with each day dawns, and each breath drawn
we suffocate beneath
these lies they fight to feed me
and this world that won't defeat me
each hope we bear
and carry on
we carry on

will we bend until we break
left standing empty handed
sold barren dreams
and in the dead of night
draw close, the sun will rise

a new day rise

and in these days
when all is dark and the heartless reign
and the cost of living's defeat
a price paid dying on our knees
in this tale of damage done
it's up to us to choose the sun
to turn the page
to start again

when this world weighs heavy on you
and you've got nowhere to turn to
it's the hope that survives
it's got to come from inside

when the dark's closing around you
and you've got nothing to hold on to
it's the hope that survives
it's got to come from inside
got to come from inside
it's the hope that survives
Track Name: The More Things Change
in these numbered days
I know

if the clock runs out on us
the curtain call, if our time is up
did we wait for better days?
to turn and find that it's too late
did we choose to wander blind?
close your eyes on borrowed time
breathe in, count down the days
breathe out and it's too late

these desperate days pass us by
we breathe, we sleep, survive, we stand by
we fill our aching hearts with empty words and false starts
our rage and anger fall apart

but I'm not a number
and I'm not the same
and if we're born to suffer
then I'm not the same

how does it feel to know?
we stood aside and watched it all go
we've waited long enough, as the world burns down around us
their time runs out, the time is now

will you drown in regret?
no I'm not the same
close your eyes to forget?
no I'm not the same

and if it all crashes down on us
I won't give in, I won't give up

so if the clock runs out on us
and all their promises turn to dust
let's live and breathe for better days
before we find that it's too late
trust in what we're fighting for
believe our lives mean something more
breathe in, count down the days
breathe out and it's too late
Track Name: Lock And Key
today the sun all again
lie awake in a world of dead ends
where every screen, every page
sells her reflections of failure and shame

so she waits
slave to fate
in a world that counts you second rate
one more day
one more chain

every dream dies the same
when the choice is to honor, obey
words leave scars, break my heart
it's hard to see in a world so dark

so how long
must she wait?
shout him down, seize your right, no mistake
every chain
every cage
breaks the same

in every silence another defeat
in stares and voices endured on the street
we close our eyes
we turn aside
while she struggles to rise, survive

refuse revolt resist

every chain
every cage
breaks the same