by Gut Feeling

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7" available from Headfirst! Records//Bitter Melody Records,
in Europe and South America from Goodwill Records//SP Discos


released April 3, 2015

recorded at Legitimate Business by Kris Hilbert
mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright



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Track Name: Serve And Collect
a price tag is on your future
a future not yours to sell
a judge walks into the picture
so picture yourself in hell

but did the crime fit the punishment?
payment influenced judgement
steel bars and cement
are waiting for you

you cannot go back now
no rights, no council
nothing you do
can alter what's coming to you

thoroughly corrupted
administration of justice
serve and collect

youth interrupted
your life obstructed
serve and collect

the distance to their blackened hearts
is infinite when divided in parts
The damage done was worth every dime
if you speak out you only get more time

young dreams just went
straight into their pockets
crushing spirits,
crushing spirits for big profits


over and
over again
for guilty verdicts cash comes pouring in
Track Name: Buyer's Remorse
escaping from the hands that shape our fate
glass walls intended to break

we've been here before
that look on their face
bad in your mouth is the taste
absorb every blow that they deliver
houses are warm but inside they shiver
they're trapped inside
still they deny
that something is missing
and their hearts are freezing cold

I've waited so long for some sort of answer
clocks don't stop ticking, I'm feeling the pressure
I fight with myself
and everyone else
running, I'm running away

searching for a new way out
Track Name: Living With Ghosts
seasons change and in our short days
when we're gone, what's left to say
so here's to the next to fade
to the ghosts of promises made
when hopes and heart turn to dust in hand
if our screams and shouts come to quiet ends
and the passing years turn hearts to stone
if the lights go down and we're left alone

I know these days go by so fast
our youth expires, our moments pass

so don't tell me what it meant
tell me what it means, not how it ends
because we've had enough of doubt
"you're too old to care, you're too young to count"
tell me is growing up
a kiss goodbye to how you felt so much
did they tell you it was all in vain
trade your hopes for fears, your dreams for a cage

so let's wear our hearts on sleeves
because every second changes everything
and it's what we do with this, anything but call it quits
if time is running out, let's make it count
Track Name: Triggers In Leash
basements deep, and oceans wide
a clean well lighted place to hide

we thought our secret was safe
well, all in good time
hearts on sleeves, brothers in arms,
with nothing in mind.

shoulder to shoulder, side by side,
despite a common ground
we've yet to find

just triggers in leash
with nothing in mind
Track Name: Heritage
bitter of heart, righteous with hate
head full of lies you are enslaved
ignorance kept alive below
your prejudice bullshit is starting to show

turn it off, before ever tuning in
shut down, before it starts again

closed eyes and mind blinded by fear
try to divide, intentions clear
parading your creed of intolerance
dealing in scapegoats and discontent

turn it off, before ever tuning in
shut down, before it starts again

and to a tradition of cowards
a tradition of shame
your worthless pride, your narrow mind
so save your breath this time

a tradition of sorrow
a tradition of pain
hiding behind fashion and lies
a history you can't disguise
Track Name: Exit Strategy
artificial restlessness is a part of it
and the quickest way out is to quit
endless negativity takes it toll on me
a view so dark that I can't see

consume or create
consume or can we give back
make a change

we must suppress the thought
that we can't build what we want
we'll never beat the other side
and I've tried, I've tried, I've tried

sever all your ties to proceed in disguise
just walk away, just close your eyes
the one thing that still holds true, your apathy
move up, move on, move out of sight

consume or create
consume or can we give back
make a change

did you give your heart away
all bridges burned in escape

keep build…keep building
'cause I want to leave this place…
leave it better than we found it